Managing professional skilled labor for events is our forte. Our resources include some of the most talented people in the event industry enables TurnKey to provide superior labor support for the corporate event industry. Production, Staging, Audio Visual and Lighting companies have all relied on TurnKey for the best technicians on the West Coast.

General Labor

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General Labor (A)



  • General Stagehand/Utility
  • Lighting Stagehand
  • Audio Stagehand
  • Video Stagehand
  • Carpenters
  • Truck Loaders

General Labor (B)

Crew Chief

Show Call Stagehand (all types)

Exhibit Stagehand

Spot Operator

Camera Assist/Cable Page/Grip

Forklift Operator


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Technical Positions

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Technical Positions (A),

AV Tech / Breakout Operator / Meeting Room Operator / Floater

Lead Carpenter

A-2 / Audio Assist

L-2 / Lighting Assist

Stage Manager

Production Assist


Technical Positions (B)

Tape Operator / Playback Pro Op / Records

Camera Operators

V-2 / Video Assist


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Premier Positions

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Premium Positions (A)

A-1 / Audio Engineer

L-1 / Lighting Director

Monitor Mixer

Graphics Operator / PowerPoint / Keynote

Premier Positions (B)


Camera Switcher / Director

V-1 / Video Engineer

LED Technician

Computer Technician / Network Technician

Project Manager

Show Director (TD)

Teleprompter Operator

Tape Editors

Watch Out Operator


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